SeedIL Ventures is an early stage venture fund that invests in the most promising Israeli Startups

Situated at the heart of the ecosystem and strategically partnered with top-tier funds, SeedIL Ventures strives to invest in the best israeli companies in pre-seed and seed stage.  

The "Startup Nation's miracle"

is watched and recognized as an example by the entire world,
and what’s more logical considering that...

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SeedIL Ventures is a seed stage venture fund focused on Israeli early-stage start-ups


  • SeedIL Ventures is focused on early-stage Israeli technology ventures, seeking investments of $100K to $500K 
  • SeedIL Ventures targets companies operating within sectors in which Israeli innovation has a proven innovative edge such as: AI, Big Data, Automotive, Cybersecurity, SAAS, Agritech, Foodtech, Fintech, Insuretech, HR tech 
  • After investment, SeedIL Ventures is committed to ensuring portfolio companies reach their full potential by providing ongoing coaching and connections.
  • SeedIL Ventures has partnered with an accelerator of one of the most prestigious university in Israel: Technion Drive and top tier funds

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