How does SeedIL select Start-ups?


SeedIL is focused on early-stage Israeli technology ventures, seeking investments of $250K to $1M.

SeedIL targets companies operating within sectors in which Israeli innovation has a proven innovative edge, such as: Internet, Telecom, SoftwareCleantech and Security.

SeedIL provides ongoing sourcing and screening of hundreds of ventures annually. Situated at the heart of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and strategically partnered with leading venture capital funds, angel investors, Incubators and Accelerators, SeedIL is ideally positioned to present the best opportunities that the Start-Up Nation has to offer to its club-members.


A rigorous selection process filters only a very small percentage of ventures for presentation to club members on the platform.

The SeedIL Advisory Board includes investors and entrepreneurs with successful track records and domain experts. Together they bring a level of expertise not typically accessible to individual investors.

All ventures selected by SeedIL are Israel-related, demonstrate a strong founding team, a growing market, and a very strong product with an initial proof of concept.