How does it work?

  • As a member, you have a private access to browse the screened start-ups, look at their full profile, watch their video pitch, read Executive Summary and other documents.

The usual campaign duration for raising investments for a specific startup is 30 days.

If you are interested in one startup, all the investment documentation will be sent to you upon your request and you will be able to ask all your questions to the entrepreneurs via a videoconference we will set up for you. You will also have access to all the previous questions asked by other members of SeedIL.

  • Once you are decided in a startup, you will decide the amount you want to invest and notify it to SeedIL.

Only  when the full amount which a startup is raising has received full commitment from the various members,  the investment is confirmed to you.

If the amount is not raised within the campaign duration, nothing happens.

  • The investment is made through a Limited Partnership which is gathering all the investments into one vehicle. And this limited partnership is taking a participation in the Startup.

Once the investment is made, you receive reports and updates and have to opportunity, if you wish, to contribute to the start-up’s success and growth by opening doors., new markets, partnerships, etc

We also provide the startups with the relevant experts/mentors according to their needs.