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Un service sur-mesure pour investir efficacement dans les start-ups

De nombreux livres, rapports et articles sur l’écosystème des start-ups en Israël sont disponibles, mais pour aller droit au but, en voici un résumé en 3 points pour l’année 2013 :

SeedIL Events London & Paris December 2013

SeedIL successfuly launched in London and Paris in December 2013.

Over 150 investors attended the events.

In London, the event was hosted at Barclays Wealth in Mayfair on December 9th 2013.

In Paris, the event took place at l'Ecole Europeenne des Metiers de l'Internet on December 11th 2013.



New high-tech initiative in Israel seeks to combine business with Zionism

The Gvahim New Wave project aims to help new immigrants make it in Israeli high-tech; Project will establish a start-up incubator for new immigrant high-tech ventures.

Israel's high-tech industry benefits from new immigrants, who often arrive with prestigious academic degrees, extensive experience at international companies and mother-tongue English. A new initiative aims to integrate these people into the Israeli high-tech scene.